Does God Forsake us

A Fascinating Story:

         “Does God Forsake us?”

Nearly a century ago, the only survivor of a shipwreck was thrown on to an uninhabited island.  He was thankful to be alive.  But he was perplexed as to his final fate.  In a few days he managed to build himself a small hut in which he kept things saved from the wreck.

Constantly he prayed to God for deliverance, and anxiously scanned the horizon each day to hail any passing ship.

Weeks later, on returning from a hunt for food one day, he was horrified to find his little hut in flames! All he had was going up in smoke.   He decided that God really did not care for him anymore, and had totally forsaken him.

As he sat down in depression over this unfortunate turn of events, he suddenly looked up to see a ship coming in full steam toward him. Overcome with joy, he rushed to the shore to greet his rescuers, who excitedly told him, “We saw your smoke signal, otherwise we would never have known anyone was alive here !”                Don’t ever give up on God…He never gives up on YOU!                                          -author unknown 


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