“Former Addict RUNS To God”

Thank You God for Your sunshine,                  

And Thank You for times of rain.

Some days are filled with painful loss;

You can turn them for me again.

It’s really hard to think this way,

When my future looks dreary and bleak;

But then I take the time to look

To God—His plan to seek.   

I read today, ”You can find the Lord.”              (Jeremiah29:13)

The way unfolds to me.

Right now my path is headed where

Only by Faith I will see.

I’m sitting here and struggling,

With what I’m going to do.                    

I need a FORCE outside myself—

It’s either drugs, or YOU !

O help me God to trust in YOU,

Through this dark day of rain.

I’ve found that peace arrives for me,

As I beat this battle with pain.

I’m peaceful now, the choice is made

To find in YOU my POWER.           (2 Corinthians 12: 9)

 I’ll never need synthetic aide;                     

 I’ll keep You with me ev’ry Hour!

by Chaplain Don


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