“He Knows What I Can Be”

 –by Chaplain Don

I was lost, but God saw the best in me,
While shackled to my sin.
He viewed me on the Mountain—Top;
Restored and healed within.

I never thought I’d rise above
The bitterness in my heart—
Filled to the brim with selfishness ;
My world was lonely and dark.

A Christian friend exposed my plight,
By sharing one brief thing…
“David was viewed as a mere shepherd boy
But God saw in him, a KING!

Quickly I saw God’s view of my life;
Should I ask for His power in me.
He could lift me up from the quicksand of sin,
To the Mountain—Top I would be!

So my message is to all who will hear—
I’ll tell of His mighty Power.
He has swept all the darkness of sin away;
And He strengthens me ev’ry hour!


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