His Gift of Forgiveness

I can’t comprehend His Mighty Love;

It is foreign to my heart.

In countless ways He provides for me,

And forgives me from the start.

Each time I’ve strayed from salvation’s plan,

I asked Him to forgive.

He erases ev’ry stain of sin,                                                                     1 John 1: 9

And gives fresh pow’r to live.

As Jesus died on Calvary,

He prayed an awesome prayer.

He asked His Father to forgive                                                               Luke 23: 34

The ones who put Him there.

Today I face a challenge to me:

The struggle to forgive.

This choice is hard / to swallow my pride;

But peace comes to those who forgive!                                              Matthew  5: 44

                                    –Chaplain Don


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