Lord, Only You can Calm My Storm!

An awesome Bible story tells of Jesus and some friends travelling in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

A huge windstorm swept over the water. The boisterous waves were filling the boat. They were sinking fast! So His friends shook Jesus from His nap saying, “Master You must save us; we will drown!” Jesus stood up; rebuked the wind; and commanded the sea, “Peace be still!”

And immediately the violent wind ceased, and there was a great calm over the water. (Mark 4)

I’m told that God can calm my storm;

I wonder how He can!

I’ve tried so many times myself,

Since life for me began.

That “fix” these days controls all things,

‘cause nothing else has worked

To solve the conflicts which I have;

The failures that I face.

My storm has come in many forms—

Sometimes “the bottle” wins.

With max addiction from my drugs;

 I’m shackled once again.

I try to make another start;

The plans don’t ever gel.

No job in hand to meet the bills;

“Old friends” lead me to hell !                

That’s the picture of my storm;

I have a lot of stress.

Depression looms on ev’ry side,

And life is sure a mess.

I guess I need to turn to God,

And let HIM give me peace.

Now since I’ve given HIM my heart,

I see my storm has ceased!                   

(by Chaplain Don)          


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