My Dream…to walk with God.

I dreamed  last night, I walked with God;                                        

How awesome that would be!

Just He and me and no one else—

My troubles seemed to flee.

I knew my God would do great things;

And sweep away my fears.

I thought He’d solve some myst’ries too;

And wipe away my tears.

But then I had another thought–

As the dream took shape for me.

How should I now behave with HIM!

My ev’ry fault He’d see!

Right next to him along my path,

What stride do I adopt?

How often do I interrupt?

What habits must I stop?

When I awoke my heart was stirred;

I could not find much rest…

“Does doing ‘good’ bring us to heaven?”

Well, knowing God—this is the test!            John 17: 3

And then it struck me in my mind

Behaviors do not win.

The bottom line is with the HEART;               Ezekiel 36: 26

We yield;  God saves from sin!                       


So, in my dream I learned the point—

Behavior lifts no one “above.”

‘tis true I must obey my God;                                              

But He saves us through His LOVE!

I’m learning now to know my God,                                         

And Christ who died for me.

This great relationship I’ve found,                Revelation 22: 4

We’ll build though out ETERNITY!                  

 –by Chaplain Don



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