Simon’s Spiritual Adventure

Verse one: In God’s Word I’m known as Simon,

I was there to help the Lord.

Right now my mind reflects upon

Those stories I had heard.

My Master fed five thousand men

With one boy’s meager food.

The crowd that day would crown Him king;

And today they cried for blood.

Chorus: I carried the cross for Jesus,

Who fell down to His knee.

He could not lift that load alone,

But He climbed the hill for me!

Verse two: The people came last week to mourn,

 For Lazarus had died.

Then Jesus prayed before the tomb,

While the dead man heard inside.

So this man rose by Jesus’ word—

And, thousands more were healed.

Christ paid the ransom for our sins,

His love for all revealed.

Verse three: Some people go to church for show;

 They’ve done it many-a-day.

They come and sing as others do,

 Now they must learn to pray.

 God’s friendship does the diff’rence make,

 As we walk with Him each hour.

 It never is an easy road,

 But He gives us the needed POWER!

He is on the treadmill,

That tiny little hamster—

Thinks he’s on his way!

Minutes stretch to hours,

 As he runs and runs and runs…

 Seems that he will never stop.

Cute little animal,

Teaches me to think.

I see I’m always on the run,

 Planning, running, never done…

I should make sure to pause right now,

From going nowhere half the time.

I’m thinking too of wasted days,

I can’t recycle anytime.

So, Lord I talk to you today,

Of detours long, on my chosen paths.

 Please teach me how to let You lead,

 For as I do, I will succeed!

By Chaplain Don


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