Strength From Jesus’ Sacrifice

I stood upon the mountain known as Calvary,

And wondered at His boundless love.

I’ll never understand why Jesus died for me;        Galatians  2: 20

Until I reach my home above.

Each time I picture Jesus hanging on that tree,

My heart and soul are torn within.

Alone He died in anguish on the hill for me;

He paid the ransom for my sin.

Come with me now and ponder His unchanging LOVE;

The ONE who made the worlds in space.       Psalm 33: 6, 9

The Captain of the mighty host of Heav’n came down,

And took MY SIN, and dark disgrace.               Philippians 2: 5-8

I’m claiming all the promises He gives to me;

For on the cross He set me FREE.

So ev’ry day He gives me strength to follow Him

And all because He climbed that hill of Calvary!

by Chaplain Don


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