The Answer

Many years I did not answer,

And I failed to see my need.

For each time I heard Him whisper,

I would surely not concede.

But the Lord in His love stayed with me,

And from pride He set me free.

Then I found the peace He offered,

As I fell down on my knee.

Hold on to Jesus, brother;

Don’t give in to doubt or fear.

For the signs foretold in Scripture,

Show His coming now is near!

He will come to take His children,

Where we’ll never have to roam.

There together we will praise Him,

And in Heaven find our home.

Refrain: O the last thing at the night time,

And at the breaking of the day,

We must “tune in” to the Master,

As we travel on our way.

Soon we’ll reach the gates of Glory,

Where the Savior we will meet.

There we’ll see His face and greet Him,

And our joy will be complete!

By Chaplain Don


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