The Mountain Where Jesus Prayed

I stood all alone in the silence;

And wondered if anyone knew,

That my heart was heavy with burdens—

No solutions or answers in view.

Then my mind recaptured a promise,

I had known from reading His Word.

And I felt strangely drawn to Jesus,

For new hope within me was stirred.

refrain:  Just look through your window to Heaven;

Discover the strength of His promise;

Don’t worry about what to say.

He will share all your burdens today.

Alone Jesus knelt on the mountain;

And prayed to our Father above.

All night He continued the vigil,

While nourished by Heavenly love.

The Lord sought for courage and guidance;

The price for our sins He must pay.

His heart was infused with fresh power,

As He turned strong to face a new day!


By Chaplain Don 


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