When God Whispers Your Name

His self-esteem had gone away;                                

His worth seemed oh so low.

He felt that he was all alone,

And no one cared to know.

But then he found a brand new hope;

‘twas written in  God’s Book.

The promise came from Heav’n above—

For forgiveness he must look.               1 John 1: 9

God spoke salvation’s whisper now,

“My son, give Me your heart.”              Proverbs 23: 26

And then for him new life began,

God’s forgiveness from the start.

We can depend on strength from God;

His promise we must claim.

We will become victorious,                   1 John 5: 4

By faith in Jesus’ name.

God whispers not in judging tones;

But pours out SAVING GRACE.

He helps us focus on His plan;                                                                    Request a copy?

One day we’ll see His FACE!                    Revelation 22; 4

 by Chaplain Don


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