When God’s Kingdom Comes

The veil is lifted, His kingdom now reigns,

What shouts of joy fill the sky.

The ransomed throng are saved at last!

Give praise to God on high.

That day the saints will sense anew,

The Plan of God has won!

Let every voice proclaim Christ’s name;

Great wonders He has done.

We try to remember times of pain,

But God was there by our side.

I’m glad I learned to trust Him;

Forever with Him I’ll abide.

“O God, You taught me how with others to share;

Now they have come to Your Kingdom to live.

‘twas good I surrendered to You my all;

You showed me how to GIVE.

                                    When Your Kingdom comes to stay;

                                    I’ll forevermore rejoice.

                                    Today I’m determined to “hang on” by FAITH;

                                    Those prayers helped me to make the right choice!”

                                                                                                                                                –by Chaplain Don


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