When I’m Wound up Tight

Lord, it feels so good to relax, especially these days

when the pace is so hectic!  Seems like the “unwinding

experience” at day’s end becomes more difficult as

my spring tightens.

When each typical day starts gaining momentum, I

must bring into focus what is vital to accomplish, and

what is less important.  This awareness keeps me

from getting tense over things I can coast through with

a lighter touch.

Teach me the art of taking “minute vacations.” A brief

respite from the pressure of constant activity allows

me to be in tune with my own natural pace.  Then I can

become more efficient with each task.

Another root cause of being “up tight” is my self-

centeredness!  I spend so much time and energy gazing

at the problems as I travel down the road, that I only

glance now and then toward my God!

By Chaplain Don


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