When God’s Kingdom Comes

The veil is lifted, His kingdom now reigns,

What shouts of joy fill the sky.

The ransomed throng are saved at last!

Give praise to God on high.

That day the saints will sense anew,

The Plan of God has won!

Let every voice proclaim Christ’s name;

Great wonders He has done.

We try to remember times of pain,

But God was there by our side.

I’m glad I learned to trust Him;

Forever with Him I’ll abide.

“O God, You taught me how with others to share;

Now they have come to Your Kingdom to live.

‘twas good I surrendered to You my all;

You showed me how to GIVE.

                                    When Your Kingdom comes to stay;

                                    I’ll forevermore rejoice.

                                    Today I’m determined to “hang on” by FAITH;

                                    Those prayers helped me to make the right choice!”

                                                                                                                                                –by Chaplain Don

To Jesus—

Sometimes it seems my relatives expect me to be like my

 older brother.  They ask me why I can’t hit home runs like

he does?

My sister is always so polite and proper. People say I

Really need to be like her!

The only thing I’m good at is mowing our front lawn—not much

Success in that is there?

I’m thinking now about the man who was walking by on our

Sidewalk today.  He said I’m taking good care of the yard.

So help me to remember his complement when I don’t feel very

Successful…                           Amen.

Hello God,

Today my brother’s mean to me;

He tries to make me mad.

And now I’m asking You to come,

So I can still be glad

I want to treat kids nicely;

You came to show us how.

But help my brother to be more fair,

And make him start right now.

Dear Jesus,

What makes a birdie sing his song

While the snow is swirling down?

I wonder if he’s cold out there;

But he never wears a frown.

Mama said my angel cares

When I’m tucked in bed at night.

So then I feel safe in the dark;

And I sleep so well ‘til it’s light.


What an Awesome Day

–by Chaplain Don

The promise of Christ is sure and true;            John 14: 1-3

That He’ll come for you and me.

Millions of Angels will accompany Him,

And the face of the King we’ll see!

We can’t let a doubt creep into our minds,

To snatch away the prize.

The Word of God will carry us through;

Till we see Him with our own eyes.                           Revelation 1: 7

When He comes that Day to take us home,

We will joyfully hear Him say,

“Come my faithful ones with Me;

My Kingdom is yours today!                                      Matthew 25: 34

“No sickness or death can reach you there;             Isaiah 33: 24

And remorse will be no more.

Just trust in Me, I will care for you;

You’ll be safe on that peaceful shore.”

The Road Back to Jesus

The road back to Jesus can be tough at times;

Your past does’t matter, you can follow Him again.

The trip begins in response to Jesus’ call

Your sins are erased as you give Him your all.              1 John 1: 9

“Lord, I can’t atone for the times I have strayed;

Your blood cleans up my guilt and shame.

 You took my sins and guilt upon Yourself;                  2 Corinthians 5: 21

I am saved by faith in Your holy name.

My habits of sin are being changed;

Your life is now living in me.                                          Galatians 2: 20

Salvation’s plan is restored to my soul,

Your face I will surely see.                                              Revelation 22: 4

There’s a battle that faces me ev’ry day;

I must choose to give You my will.                               Matthew 7:21

The strength You offer is all I need;

 In my storm I hear Your words , ”Peace Be Still.”   Mark 4: 39       

The trials on this road bring me close to You;            James 1: 3

I will reach out by faith as I’m tempted to fall;          Jude 24

I ‘m looking for guidance in Your Holy Word;            Jeremiah 29: 13

And I’ll follow each day as You call.                                   

                                  –Chaplain Don   



His Special Comfort

My heart is broken.

I lost my loved one today;

The tears are flowing.

He will live someday,

When Jesus calls him to life

With the last trumpet!

Now I am grieving;

So God wipes my tears with care,

As He takes my hand.

He touches in love;

And weeps with me ev’ry day.

I feel His support.

God writes the music;

While my heart-strings echo hope,

While comes from His Word.

The Reunion Day

Will complete His saving plan.

I am trusting Him!

                                    –Chaplain Don

His Gift of Forgiveness

I can’t comprehend His Mighty Love;

It is foreign to my heart.

In countless ways He provides for me,

And forgives me from the start.

Each time I’ve strayed from salvation’s plan,

I asked Him to forgive.

He erases ev’ry stain of sin,                                                                     1 John 1: 9

And gives fresh pow’r to live.

As Jesus died on Calvary,

He prayed an awesome prayer.

He asked His Father to forgive                                                               Luke 23: 34

The ones who put Him there.

Today I face a challenge to me:

The struggle to forgive.

This choice is hard / to swallow my pride;

But peace comes to those who forgive!                                              Matthew  5: 44

                                    –Chaplain Don

He is An Awesome God

 by Chaplain Don

1st Verse:         Our God is awesome, He made the earth;

(Men)              He formed the planets by His spoken word.

(Ladies)           His hand brought miracles beyond belief;

(Men)              God is so awesome!  Let this song be heard!

1st Refrain:      Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Give thanks and sing;

(Ladies             And count the many wonders He has done.

Sing                 Give praise to God, and let your voices ring,

In unison)        For all the great victories The Lord has won!

2nd Verse:        The Savage beasts were all around;

(Men               And they were hungry for a big meal.

Sing                 But Daniel’s prayer brought the Angel down,

In unison)        And ev’ry lion’s mouth was sealed.

2nd Refrain:      Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Give thanks and sing;

(Ladies             And count the many wonders He has done.

Sing                 Give praise to God, and let your voices ring;

in unison)        For all the great victories The Lord has won!                       

3rd Verse:         They worked all night, and caught no fish;

(Men               The Lord performed a miracle.

Sing                 He said, “Cast your net on the other side.”                                                                          

In unison)        And soon their net was very full !

3rd Refrain:      Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Give thanks and sing;

(Ladies             And count the many wonders He has done.

Sing                 Give praise to God, and let your voices ring;

In unison)        For all the great victories The Lord has won!                       

2nd Ending:       A host of miracles we will see;

                    For this awesome God cares for you and me!

*these last two lines to be sung in four-part harmony


God sent a Spider…

During World War II, a U. S. Marine was separated from his fighting unit on a Pacific Island.  He was alone in the jungle.  Now he could hear the enemy soldiers coming in his direction. As he scrambled for cover, he found his way to a high ridge containing several caves. Quickly he crawled inside one of them. Although safe for the moment, he realized that once the enemy soldiers swept over the ridge, they would quickly search all the caves, and he would be killed! 

As he waited, he prayed, “Lord, if it is Your will, please protect me.  I am trusting Your power.” Then he lay quietly listening to the enemy drawing closer to him.  He thought, “I wonder how God will get me out of this one?” Now he saw a spider building a web over the front of the cave.  “O my”, he thought. “What I need is a brick wall, and The Lord sends me a spider’s web. Unbelievable!”

As the soldiers drew closer he watched from his hideout, and could see them searching in one cave after another.  As they came to his, he got ready to make his last stand! To his amazement, however, after glancing in the direction of his cave, they moved on.

Suddenly, he realized that with the spider’s web over the entrance, his cave looked as if no one had entered in a long time.  “Lord, forgive me”, prayed the young man.  “I had forgotten that with You, a spider’s web is stronger than a brick wall.”   (How amazing God’s answers to your prayers can be!)      a copy from Chaplain Don ?