The Shadow of God’s Hand

(see Isaiah 49: 2)

I dreamed I saw the shadow of God’s almighty Hand;

It was moving o’er the surface of this very troubled land.

At times His hand is hidden to the view of many –a- man,

But some men find assurance in Salvation’s Special Plan.


I listen to The Savior on those days when trials come.

My faith is tested far beyond what human strength can bear.      

The Lord has told each one of us that He will never fail;

He promises to walk with us through ev’ry stormy gale!

We can not find a reason for the trials which come today;

Nor can we see just why His hand has moved in this peculiar way.

But WE CAN TRUST the heart of God, for His mercy and His Love;

He still directs His children with His plan from heav’n above.

Our God has made provision for our life, with all its needs,

He wants to bring solutions, and atone for our misdeeds.

We can not win life’s battles with the strength all on our own. 

But He gives us DAILY vict’ry from His strength by faith alone.                                      

 Praise God!

–by Chaplain Don


The God Who Heals

My Loving Lord,

What a beautiful feeling to know Your special touch today.

 All my aches and pains, my doubts and fears seem to melt away

 as I reach out to grasp Your hand.  

You bring healing by drawing families together who have pulled in

Different directions. Strife is calmed like that stormy Sea of Galilee

By Your powerful words, “PEACE BE STILL.”

I can feel this calming influence right now!  It causes me to be at peace

With myself.  It urges me to share with others the news that healing

Accompanies Your touch.  You change depression to courage,

doubt to faith, despair to hope, discord to harmony.

All these miracles are happening since I am trusting Your power.

 It is Your touch that changes my attitudes, and my response patterns.

Lord, may I continue to feel Your healing power every hour of the day.

By Chaplain Don, in l985.  

The Forgiving Waves of His Love

God’s Power is seen in the ocean wave,

As it washes upon the shore.

And I know that His presence is here today,

To keep me forevermore

There are times that I feel overwhelmed with sin,

And then fear takes hold of my heart.

But the Lord in His love has the power to save,

Having faith is the sole human part.

I can feel His love rolling over me,

Through the channels of heart and mind.

Now I know that those footprints of sin are gone,

And my future is silver-lined.

May His cleansing pow’r sweep over me,

And erase every stain of sin.

As each recedes to the sea of His love,

Lo, His peace comes to dwell within!

By Chaplain Don

My God Loves You


Wherever you may be.

He’s reaching out to strengthen you,

And solve your ev’ry need.

You may be filled with loneliness,

Depression squeezing in.

But He can quell the darkness,

And free your life from sin.

Yes, God knows your potential,

He promises to give

New satisfaction deep within,

And joy each day you live.

So if you feel downhearted,

And you sense that all is lost,

The promise please remember,

My God loves you!                                         

by Chaplain Don

My Dream…to walk with God.

I dreamed  last night, I walked with God;                                        

How awesome that would be!

Just He and me and no one else—

My troubles seemed to flee.

I knew my God would do great things;

And sweep away my fears.

I thought He’d solve some myst’ries too;

And wipe away my tears.

But then I had another thought–

As the dream took shape for me.

How should I now behave with HIM!

My ev’ry fault He’d see!

Right next to him along my path,

What stride do I adopt?

How often do I interrupt?

What habits must I stop?

When I awoke my heart was stirred;

I could not find much rest…

“Does doing ‘good’ bring us to heaven?”

Well, knowing God—this is the test!            John 17: 3

And then it struck me in my mind

Behaviors do not win.

The bottom line is with the HEART;               Ezekiel 36: 26

We yield;  God saves from sin!                       


So, in my dream I learned the point—

Behavior lifts no one “above.”

‘tis true I must obey my God;                                              

But He saves us through His LOVE!

I’m learning now to know my God,                                         

And Christ who died for me.

This great relationship I’ve found,                Revelation 22: 4

We’ll build though out ETERNITY!                  

 –by Chaplain Don


God’s Timeless Lullaby

I saw one day on a sandy shore

A father and his child.

The curls were tangled on his head,

And his cheeks were rosy red.

I watched as the boy began to cry,

 For the wind turned cold and wild. (reverb)

He lifted him in a comforting way,

 And I heard him gently say:

 “No fear my child, I am holding you,

 While the angry winds do blow.

Mid crashing waves nearby, my child,

You’re safe from harm I know.

Just trust in me as we travel now,

On the path by a stormy sea.

Then come what may as the way seems long,

It is safe to go with me.

And so today as trials come,

What a song, The Savior sings!

We’re fully grown, but hear His voice;

 With assurance now it rings.

 And each day we trust in His mighty hand;

Since He offers to lead your way. 

 We go with Him when trouble comes,

 For we hear Him gently say:

“No fear my child, I am holding you,

 While the angry winds do blow.

Mid crashing waves nearby, my child,

You’re safe from harm I know.

Just trust in me as we travel now,

On the path by a stormy sea.

Then come what may as the way seems long,

It is safe to go with me.

By Chaplain Don

God of a Second Chance

Dear God,                                                             

I am amazed that You are the God of a second chance!

Wow, what a promise expressed in Scripture.  “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  (Ezekiel 36: 26, NIV)

 You have never stopped working to soften my hard heart.

Thank You for NOT giving up on me.

A lot of people in my family, as well as my friends all agree on this one: “That person is hopeless. He/she will never turn around from that life of anger against everyone. It is a lost cause!”

Yes, I was considered by everyone to be past the point of no return.  Even within myself I knew there was no way that I could discover even a little bit of self-esteem.

AND THEN, Your unbelievable message hit me!  I could not believe it.   Now the light is breaking through the dark clouds.

Your loving ways have touched my heart of stone.  I am in awe at the new feeling sweeping over me.  I‘m accepting Your offer of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. (Galatians 2:20)

I treasure the special promise in Scripture for a totally different outcome.  “My eyes are on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare (trap)” (Psalm 25:15, NIV)

Please take care of me, God.  I really do need You.

By Chaplain Don

Answering The Call of God

Dear Lord,                 

When You spoke to me,

My heart felt strangely moved.

Those fears and stresses greatly eased,

As I responded to Your call.

There was no sound—-

But still my soul was drawn

As if by one magnetic pulse,

I felt Your touch upon my heart!

For years I have struggled long with doubt.

“O who can free me

From the cords which bind my heart

And mind in shackles fast?”

And now again Your call—-                     

How warm and meaningful it is.

It calms my fears, and solves

The guilt and pain within.

Thank You Lord for calling then,

I’m glad You came right now

Please guide me with Your sacred Word.

I’m glad to sense again that saving touch!     


by Chaplain Don