LORD, Teach Me Patience…

How often I feel the rush of solving a situation, right now! But I must wait for people & circumstances to change.  how painful !

At times an injustice triggers my immediate response of  anger, with a feeling of impatience to even the score by fighting back.

What do I accomplish by all this uproar and frantic reaction?     

I find myself running ahead, then the discovery—it would have been much better to have waited for Your guidance.

My choice is now to put all my plans in Your hands.

Lord, remind me to be patient!

The days seem very long while I’m thinking of those problems which demand quick solutions. But I must trust in Your timing.

Even the centuries do fall through Your hourglass like tiny grains of sand.

Remind me this scripture, “The testing of your faith produces patience.”           (James 1: 3, 4)                                

by Chaplain Don