When I’m Wound up Tight

Lord, it feels so good to relax, especially these days

when the pace is so hectic!  Seems like the “unwinding

experience” at day’s end becomes more difficult as

my spring tightens.

When each typical day starts gaining momentum, I

must bring into focus what is vital to accomplish, and

what is less important.  This awareness keeps me

from getting tense over things I can coast through with

a lighter touch.

Teach me the art of taking “minute vacations.” A brief

respite from the pressure of constant activity allows

me to be in tune with my own natural pace.  Then I can

become more efficient with each task.

Another root cause of being “up tight” is my self-

centeredness!  I spend so much time and energy gazing

at the problems as I travel down the road, that I only

glance now and then toward my God!

By Chaplain Don

When God is Silent

God is Silent, I’ll be patient;

Always listening for His voice.                                                    Isaiah 30: 21

Though my faith be sorely tested,

I will cling to Him by choice.

There are days I pray for guidance,

And He seems so far from me.

Now His promise gives me courage,

“I will never part from thee.”                                                     Hebrews 13: 5

I have found the real secret,

God has messages so clear.

But my selfish heart has wandered;

I must tune again to hear.

Faith will grow by trusting Jesus;

Man must follow without sight.

Answers come while walking with Him;

He’s “The way, The Truth, The Life.”                                        John 14: 6

I will ever trust God’s leading;

He holds high the Torch for me.

As I daily read His letter,

Light will dawn—I soon will see!                                                Psalm 119: 105 & 130

By Chaplain Don 

The Skeptic Now Embraces Faith

The skeptic blames our God for the handicapped child;

He sees an outcast wretch degenerate and wild,

Whose mind has flown; he lives a wasted life.

And he questions, “how could God permit such strife?”

The finger of disaster strikes the good,

And few folk find a reason why men should

Believe in God, and trust His hidden ways.

Nor can we fathom this throughout our days.

The skeptic enters through his neighbor’s gate;

Who often says that man must wait

To get the answer clear that comes from Heav’n.

 He never holds a grudge nor must he “ get even.”

The skeptic knew this man had heard within the hour,

The news which makes a mortal heart turn sour.

The lab report revealed that he had cancer.

Now he wondered what would be his answer?

The neighbor prayed,” God give me Faith to bear the test.

 But this I know—Your way is always best;

And may I ever learn to trust Your Word.

May every day the comfort of Your voice be heard”

‘Twas then the skeptic saw the secret of this saint;

A picture for another I can’t paint.

Nor can I spell it out in just a word.

For every man alone is thus assured.

God never takes away the chance to doubt;

But when in trouble He provides His sure way out.

We learn to trust His leading come what may.

And He will take us through each trying day.

So as the skeptic weighs the questions in his mind,

There dawns a quick solution which he finds…

That Satan hung the veil of doubt ‘twas SIN.

And now he sees, since God has planted Faith within!

By Chaplain Don

The Mountain Where Jesus Prayed

I stood all alone in the silence;

And wondered if anyone knew,

That my heart was heavy with burdens—

No solutions or answers in view.

Then my mind recaptured a promise,

I had known from reading His Word.

And I felt strangely drawn to Jesus,

For new hope within me was stirred.

refrain:  Just look through your window to Heaven;

Discover the strength of His promise;

Don’t worry about what to say.

He will share all your burdens today.

Alone Jesus knelt on the mountain;

And prayed to our Father above.

All night He continued the vigil,

While nourished by Heavenly love.

The Lord sought for courage and guidance;

The price for our sins He must pay.

His heart was infused with fresh power,

As He turned strong to face a new day!


By Chaplain Don 

The Discovery

I sought it in the avenues of selfishness and greed.

I looked for it both night and day, but never saw my need.

I searched in vain for happiness and peace;

And nothing came but emptiness—frustration never ceased.

Then one day I discovered HIM, and life became a song.

Now He lives in me, and strengthens me whenever days are long.

Just lean on HIM, have faith in HIM, in Jesus now confide.

He will walk with you, and talk with you, and continue by your side!

Refrain:  This Jesus of Nazareth gives peace, and a song.

Forever I’ll depend on HIM—He helps me to be strong.

I know my Savior leads the way, so what do you say?

Let’s join with HIM, and trust in HIM for victory today!

By Chaplain Don   

The Answer

Many years I did not answer,

And I failed to see my need.

For each time I heard Him whisper,

I would surely not concede.

But the Lord in His love stayed with me,

And from pride He set me free.

Then I found the peace He offered,

As I fell down on my knee.

Hold on to Jesus, brother;

Don’t give in to doubt or fear.

For the signs foretold in Scripture,

Show His coming now is near!

He will come to take His children,

Where we’ll never have to roam.

There together we will praise Him,

And in Heaven find our home.

Refrain: O the last thing at the night time,

And at the breaking of the day,

We must “tune in” to the Master,

As we travel on our way.

Soon we’ll reach the gates of Glory,

Where the Savior we will meet.

There we’ll see His face and greet Him,

And our joy will be complete!

By Chaplain Don