His Gift of Forgiveness

I can’t comprehend His Mighty Love;

It is foreign to my heart.

In countless ways He provides for me,

And forgives me from the start.

Each time I’ve strayed from salvation’s plan,

I asked Him to forgive.

He erases ev’ry stain of sin,                                                                     1 John 1: 9

And gives fresh pow’r to live.

As Jesus died on Calvary,

He prayed an awesome prayer.

He asked His Father to forgive                                                               Luke 23: 34

The ones who put Him there.

Today I face a challenge to me:

The struggle to forgive.

This choice is hard / to swallow my pride;

But peace comes to those who forgive!                                              Matthew  5: 44

                                    –Chaplain Don

When God Whispers Your Name

His self-esteem had gone away;                                

His worth seemed oh so low.

He felt that he was all alone,

And no one cared to know.

But then he found a brand new hope;

‘twas written in  God’s Book.

The promise came from Heav’n above—

For forgiveness he must look.               1 John 1: 9

God spoke salvation’s whisper now,

“My son, give Me your heart.”              Proverbs 23: 26

And then for him new life began,

God’s forgiveness from the start.

We can depend on strength from God;

His promise we must claim.

We will become victorious,                   1 John 5: 4

By faith in Jesus’ name.

God whispers not in judging tones;

But pours out SAVING GRACE.

He helps us focus on His plan;                                                                    Request a copy?

One day we’ll see His FACE!                    Revelation 22; 4

 by Chaplain Don

Strength From Jesus’ Sacrifice

I stood upon the mountain known as Calvary,

And wondered at His boundless love.

I’ll never understand why Jesus died for me;        Galatians  2: 20

Until I reach my home above.

Each time I picture Jesus hanging on that tree,

My heart and soul are torn within.

Alone He died in anguish on the hill for me;

He paid the ransom for my sin.

Come with me now and ponder His unchanging LOVE;

The ONE who made the worlds in space.       Psalm 33: 6, 9

The Captain of the mighty host of Heav’n came down,

And took MY SIN, and dark disgrace.               Philippians 2: 5-8

I’m claiming all the promises He gives to me;

For on the cross He set me FREE.

So ev’ry day He gives me strength to follow Him

And all because He climbed that hill of Calvary!

by Chaplain Don

God Always Sees The Best in me…

 I was lost… but God saw the best in me,                  

While shackled to my sin.

He viewed me on the MOUNTAIN–TOP;

Restored and healed within.                             Psalm 23: 3

I knew I could not rise above

The bitterness in my heart—

Filled to the brim with selfishness;

My world was lonely and dark.

A Christian friend exposed my plight,

By sharing one brief thing…

“David was viewed as a mere shepherd boy.

But God saw in him, a KING!”                                        1 Samuel 16: 10-12

Quickly I saw God’s view of my life;

 I must ask for His power in me.

He could lift me up from this quicksand of sin;        Psalm 40: 2

On the mountain-top I would be!

So my message is to all who will hear—

I’ll tell of His mighty POWER.

He has swept all the darkness of sin away;

Now He strengthens me ev’ry hour!                      Isaiah 41: 10


  –by Chaplain Don



The God Who Heals

My Loving Lord,

What a beautiful feeling to know Your special touch today.

 All my aches and pains, my doubts and fears seem to melt away

 as I reach out to grasp Your hand.  

You bring healing by drawing families together who have pulled in

Different directions. Strife is calmed like that stormy Sea of Galilee

By Your powerful words, “PEACE BE STILL.”

I can feel this calming influence right now!  It causes me to be at peace

With myself.  It urges me to share with others the news that healing

Accompanies Your touch.  You change depression to courage,

doubt to faith, despair to hope, discord to harmony.

All these miracles are happening since I am trusting Your power.

 It is Your touch that changes my attitudes, and my response patterns.

Lord, may I continue to feel Your healing power every hour of the day.

By Chaplain Don, in l985.  

The Forgiving Waves of His Love

God’s Power is seen in the ocean wave,

As it washes upon the shore.

And I know that His presence is here today,

To keep me forevermore

There are times that I feel overwhelmed with sin,

And then fear takes hold of my heart.

But the Lord in His love has the power to save,

Having faith is the sole human part.

I can feel His love rolling over me,

Through the channels of heart and mind.

Now I know that those footprints of sin are gone,

And my future is silver-lined.

May His cleansing pow’r sweep over me,

And erase every stain of sin.

As each recedes to the sea of His love,

Lo, His peace comes to dwell within!

By Chaplain Don