His Special Comfort

My heart is broken.

I lost my loved one today;

The tears are flowing.

He will live someday,

When Jesus calls him to life

With the last trumpet!

Now I am grieving;

So God wipes my tears with care,

As He takes my hand.

He touches in love;

And weeps with me ev’ry day.

I feel His support.

God writes the music;

While my heart-strings echo hope,

While comes from His Word.

The Reunion Day

Will complete His saving plan.

I am trusting Him!

                                    –Chaplain Don

God’s Signature

The storm is passed.
Its icy fingers made the world
A fairyland of peace and white.
All nature is serene and still.
Within my soul the echo comes—-
His touch to take me through my night.

I fought that storm, MY plans MUST win!
It swept me from my feet,
And brought me to my knees.
Whose hand could move with awesome power,
Yet gentle with its sweep,
To calm life’s troubled seas?

This stroke of God
Has formed for me a new and better world,
From drab and scarred debris.
His touch has freed my soul from guilt,
To bring. A new clean slate,
For now—-and for eternity!
—- Chaplain Don

An Oasis for My Tears

The moist tears began
As they trickled from sad eyes
To splash on his beard.

He had travelled far
Through hot sand and desert waste
To this oasis.

Just now his dry tongue
finds a prize he thirsted for—
The sparkling water.

His mind seeks relief
From the heartache he carries;
Will he find relief here?

Tears are now flowing
At this oasis prepared
For expressing grief.

He loosens his load—
The grief unexpressed so long;
A faint smile appears.

“Thank you, God, for tears!
Depression now is lifting;
Faith is blossoming.

"You have planted it,
An oasis for my tears.
Now’s the time to cry!”

-Chaplain Don