When God’s Kingdom Comes

The veil is lifted, His kingdom now reigns,

What shouts of joy fill the sky.

The ransomed throng are saved at last!

Give praise to God on high.

That day the saints will sense anew,

The Plan of God has won!

Let every voice proclaim Christ’s name;

Great wonders He has done.

We try to remember times of pain,

But God was there by our side.

I’m glad I learned to trust Him;

Forever with Him I’ll abide.

“O God, You taught me how with others to share;

Now they have come to Your Kingdom to live.

‘twas good I surrendered to You my all;

You showed me how to GIVE.

                                    When Your Kingdom comes to stay;

                                    I’ll forevermore rejoice.

                                    Today I’m determined to “hang on” by FAITH;

                                    Those prayers helped me to make the right choice!”

                                                                                                                                                –by Chaplain Don

What an Awesome Day

–by Chaplain Don

The promise of Christ is sure and true;            John 14: 1-3

That He’ll come for you and me.

Millions of Angels will accompany Him,

And the face of the King we’ll see!

We can’t let a doubt creep into our minds,

To snatch away the prize.

The Word of God will carry us through;

Till we see Him with our own eyes.                           Revelation 1: 7

When He comes that Day to take us home,

We will joyfully hear Him say,

“Come my faithful ones with Me;

My Kingdom is yours today!                                      Matthew 25: 34

“No sickness or death can reach you there;             Isaiah 33: 24

And remorse will be no more.

Just trust in Me, I will care for you;

You’ll be safe on that peaceful shore.”

The Road Back to Jesus

The road back to Jesus can be tough at times;

Your past does’t matter, you can follow Him again.

The trip begins in response to Jesus’ call

Your sins are erased as you give Him your all.              1 John 1: 9

“Lord, I can’t atone for the times I have strayed;

Your blood cleans up my guilt and shame.

 You took my sins and guilt upon Yourself;                  2 Corinthians 5: 21

I am saved by faith in Your holy name.

My habits of sin are being changed;

Your life is now living in me.                                          Galatians 2: 20

Salvation’s plan is restored to my soul,

Your face I will surely see.                                              Revelation 22: 4

There’s a battle that faces me ev’ry day;

I must choose to give You my will.                               Matthew 7:21

The strength You offer is all I need;

 In my storm I hear Your words , ”Peace Be Still.”   Mark 4: 39       

The trials on this road bring me close to You;            James 1: 3

I will reach out by faith as I’m tempted to fall;          Jude 24

I ‘m looking for guidance in Your Holy Word;            Jeremiah 29: 13

And I’ll follow each day as You call.                                   

                                  –Chaplain Don   



When God Whispers Your Name

His self-esteem had gone away;                                   

His worth seemed oh so low.

He felt that he was all alone,

And no one cared to know.

But then he found a brand new hope;

‘twas written in  God’s Book.

The promise came from Heav’n above—

For forgiveness he must look.               1 John 1: 9

God spoke salvation’s whisper now,

“My son, give Me your heart.”              Proverbs 23: 26

And then for him new life began,

God’s forgiveness from the start.

We can depend on strength from God;

His promise we must claim.

We will become victorious,                   1 John 5: 4

By faith in Jesus’ name.

God whispers not in judging tones;

But pours out SAVING GRACE.

He helps us focus on His plan;                                                                

One day we’ll see His FACE!                    Revelation 22; 4

 By Chaplain Don

Simon’s Spiritual Adventure

Verse one: In God’s Word I’m known as Simon,

I was there to help the Lord.

Right now my mind reflects upon

Those stories I had heard.

My Master fed five thousand men

With one boy’s meager food.

The crowd that day would crown Him king;

And today they cried for blood.

Chorus: I carried the cross for Jesus,

Who fell down to His knee.

He could not lift that load alone,

But He climbed the hill for me!

Verse two: The people came last week to mourn,

 For Lazarus had died.

Then Jesus prayed before the tomb,

While the dead man heard inside.

So this man rose by Jesus’ word—

And, thousands more were healed.

Christ paid the ransom for our sins,

His love for all revealed.

Verse three: Some people go to church for show;

 They’ve done it many-a-day.

They come and sing as others do,

 Now they must learn to pray.

 God’s friendship does the diff’rence make,

 As we walk with Him each hour.

 It never is an easy road,

 But He gives us the needed POWER!

He is on the treadmill,

That tiny little hamster—

Thinks he’s on his way!

Minutes stretch to hours,

 As he runs and runs and runs…

 Seems that he will never stop.

Cute little animal,

Teaches me to think.

I see I’m always on the run,

 Planning, running, never done…

I should make sure to pause right now,

From going nowhere half the time.

I’m thinking too of wasted days,

I can’t recycle anytime.

So, Lord I talk to you today,

Of detours long, on my chosen paths.

 Please teach me how to let You lead,

 For as I do, I will succeed!

By Chaplain Don

Out of Darkness, LIGHT

Amid your darkest night alone,

Jesus brings the LIGHT.

He’ll never leave you comfortless,

When friends have taken flight.

There is no need to suffer more,

Your world has blown apart.

He will mend each broken piece;

Just give to Him your heart.

Drugs, and many promised thrills;

Hollow moments they provide.

But only life with Christ can bring

 Satisfaction deep inside.                        

So think today about His LIGHT,

Which quells the darkest night.

You’ll find for sure solutions there;

For Jesus answers prayer!

By Chaplain Don

*The Gospel of John 1: 4 gives the NEWS: “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” Praise God!

Jesus, The Thirst-Quencher

The Master planted a seed with love,

In an arid desert land.

And people scoffed that it could grow,

While imbedded in the sand.

No one knew all the time and touch

That The Sower brought to bear.

The seed was pampered ev’ry day,

With constant love and care.

‘twas buried deep within the soil;

Neither wind, nor sun could spoil.

He was there when any shadow came—

For those clouds brought needed rain.

“It is time for the plant to be fully grown”,

I hear the people say.

And even though ‘twas a thirsty plant;

 I knew it would bloom someday…

My life was nurtured with His hand,

Through sunshine and through rains.

But at times I questioned, “was He there,

As I struggled with life’s growing pains?

Right now, I am thankful for His hand—

It was guiding all the way.

While some folk viewed just a scrawny plant;

With God’s touch, it blooms today!

By Chaplain Don

God Can Set You Free Inside


The Word of God reminds us

That the Lord can make us whole.

 He’s the Healer of the body,

 And the Savior of the soul.

 I know that He can help me,

 As I’m caught in Satan’s snare.

 Then I lift my voice to Jesus,

 And express my need in Prayer.

Now today I’m feeling thankful

For those promises He gives.

He helps me with my struggles;

Yes, I know The Savior lives.       

Our Lord above is listening,

To deal with ev’ry plea.

 He speaks in LOVE to sin-sick souls:

“My Power can set you FREE.”

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14: 6) “The truth shall make you free.” (John 8: 32)

By Chaplain Don