When God’s Kingdom Comes

The veil is lifted, His kingdom now reigns,

What shouts of joy fill the sky.

The ransomed throng are saved at last!

Give praise to God on high.

That day the saints will sense anew,

The Plan of God has won!

Let every voice proclaim Christ’s name;

Great wonders He has done.

We try to remember times of pain,

But God was there by our side.

I’m glad I learned to trust Him;

Forever with Him I’ll abide.

“O God, You taught me how with others to share;

Now they have come to Your Kingdom to live.

‘twas good I surrendered to You my all;

You showed me how to GIVE.

When Your Kingdom comes to stay;

 I’ll forevermore rejoice.

Today I’m determined to “hang on” by FAITH;

Those prayers helped me to make the right choice!”

–by Chaplain Don



Trust Him; He Strengthens Your Faith

I often seek God’s plan for me,

But He moves in ways unknown.

He does reveal at times His strength;

Since I claim to be His own.

Some days He seems so far away,

Then doubts and fears creep in.

The devil comes to derail God’s work,

And destroy my Faith in Him.

Satan paints a dream of wealth and fame,

To confuse SALVATION’s plan.

But I claim the many promises,

Contained in God’s Word to man.

I am thankful I can trust my God;

He walks through hard times with me.

As Faith increases day by day,

He brings strength, you’ll see!

–by Chaplain Don

That Special Time in Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

It feels so good talking to my God these days. This experience of praying is a fairly new one for me. I am realizing what happens when I turn to You.

Lots of people seem to use prayer as “a fire escape” to get out of some kind of trouble! Then they forget all about You when things calm down. Other folks are looking to You as a type of “Santa Claus”, who brings nice things to them because they have been “good little boys and girls.”

But I am discovering a much more personal relationship with You now. You are becoming my enduring heavenly friend, counselor, & guide in my daily plans and decisions.

I am thankful for the death of Jesus on the cross to bridge the wide gap between Your holiness, and my human sinful condition.

I choose each day to be freed from my sinful habits. I am willing to be molded by Your special power in my life.

Please remind me about those words of Scripture written by Your servant, Paul:  “I die daily.” (1 Corinthians 15: 31). I am sure those old bad habits of sin will not be in me anymore, since I die daily to sin, and Jesus lives again in me.  (Colossians 1:27).now.In the name of my Savior Jesus, Amen.

by Chaplain Don

On Viewing God’s Miracles


Our God delivers MIRACLES

Which doubters can not see.

I view these through the lens

Of faith God made for me.

Oh the peace that dawns on those

Who pause each day to pray.

And when the blasts of trouble come,

God gives us strength that day!

For anyone who lacks the faith;

There is a full supply.

‘tis found by searching in God’s Word—

He guides you with His eye.                                            Psalm 32: 8

I must find that path of FAITH,

As I live my life each day.

He gives discernment as a gift

To those who seek His way.                                            1 Corinthians 2: 14

All praise to God for MIRACLES!

They help us sense His power.

I’ll pray for Faith to look for them

Each day…each hour.

 by Chaplain Don

Learning to Pray like Jesus did


 A letter to God,                                                                                

I’m really inspired as I am reading in the Bible about the occasions Jesus was in prayer for strength and guidance.  Several stories come to mind about the life He lived here on earth 2,000 years ago.  I am discovering my need for strength and guidance.

As a kid, my family took me to church quite often before my teen years. I learned that Jesus came from heaven to earth to live as a human being. He was sent here to give a message about salvation for us from our sins.  I don’t quite understand how this all took place.  But right now I am overwhelmed with how much time He spent in prayer.

The Scriptures record that He prayed with the disciples many times. In fact, they were so impressed with the power He received from prayer that they requested, “Lord teach us to pray.” (Luke 11:1) And then, follows that prayer, “Our Father who art in Heaven…”

At least on one occasion He prayed for Simon Peter, that his faith would not fail. He prayed for all the disciples as He gathered them in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night He was betrayed.

He prayed for His own human faith to remain strong as He was about to go through that terrible experience of becoming the sacrifice for us.  He faced the trial, and His coming death on the cross.  He prayed in the Garden, “O My Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from Me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” (Matthew 26: 39). These experiences are amazing to me!

His prayer at the tomb of Lazarus resulting in the dead man being raised to life!  What an awesome day that was! (The Gospel of John, Chapter 11)

Jesus also prayed in private alot as well. On the hillside; and In a solitary place ( Mark 1: 35); and at other times too, He asked for strength and guidance from heaven. Sometimes He spent all night in prayer.( Luke 6: 12)  My, what an experience that must have been for Him! It is quite a new thought that we can communicate with You, the Ruler of the Universe, through PRAYER as we would visit with a friend!

As I am talking to You, God, I am realizing that Jesus was very often spending time talking with You, as I am now.  That was part of the secret of His power over the evil one.  I want to develop more of a Prayer Habit. I can see the difference it will make in my spiritual life.

Thank you for the strength I am receiving from You to meet the temptations that I am facing every day.

Good bye for now, God.  I feel a little stronger from this special time with You…     Amen.


 by Chaplain Don

Every Whispered Prayer of Yours

GOD hears the whispered Prayers we pray,

In the daytime and at night.

We are looking for His Kingdom;

And He keeps us in His sight.

When it seems you struggle all alone;

And you question that He cares.

God brings His peace to your lonely heart;

In answer to your prayers.

No man can measure the depths of prayer;

Nor explain its awesome pow’r.

It moves the hosts of Heav’n itself,

Poised ready at any hour.

It is safe to give to God my fears,

He will always understand.           

As I whisper all those needs I have,                              

He is there to take my hand!

by Chaplain Don

Answering The Call of God

Dear Lord,                 

When You spoke to me,

My heart felt strangely moved.

Those fears and stresses greatly eased,

As I responded to Your call.

There was no sound—-

But still my soul was drawn

As if by one magnetic pulse,

I felt Your touch upon my heart!

For years I have struggled long with doubt.

“O who can free me

From the cords which bind my heart

And mind in shackles fast?”

And now again Your call—-                     

How warm and meaningful it is.

It calms my fears, and solves

The guilt and pain within.

Thank You Lord for calling then,

I’m glad You came right now

Please guide me with Your sacred Word.

I’m glad to sense again that saving touch!     


by Chaplain Don