With YOU My God, I’M SURE TO Win!

 O my Lord, You’re good to me,

Providing everything.

You care for me so lovingly.

With thanks I shout and sing.

My doubts and fears are swept away,

As time in prayer I spend.

The evil one is losing now—

 On You I shall depend.

Henceforth, I will submit to You,

And Satan then will flee.

I’m drawing close to You right now,

So please stay close to me!

Some things I “ want” You do not give,

For that would spoil me.

You always give just what I need,

And sure salvation free.  

I‘ve prayed to learn just how to win

This game of life each day.                              

So now I’ve found the bottom line–

It’s living life Your way!

(James 4: 7, 8 has inspired this lyric, by Chaplain Don)

by Chaplain Don

When I’m Wound Up tight

It feels so good to relax, Lord; especially these days

when the pace is so hectic!  Seems like the “unwinding

experience” at day’s end becomes more difficult as my

spring tightens.

When each typical day starts gaining momentum, I

must bring into focus what is vital to accomplish, and

what is less important.  This awareness keeps me

from getting tense over things I can coast through

with a lighter touch.

Teach me the art of taking “minute vacations.”  A

brief respite from the pressure of constant activity

allows me to be in tune with my own natural pace.

Then I can become more efficient with each task.

Another root cause of being “up tight” is my self-

centeredness!  I spend so much time and energy

gazing at the problems as I travel down the road.

I only glance now then toward God.

by Chaplain Don


Lord, Only You can Calm My Storm!

An awesome Bible story tells of Jesus and some friends travelling in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.

A huge windstorm swept over the water. The boisterous waves were filling the boat. They were sinking fast! So His friends shook Jesus from His nap saying, “Master You must save us; we will drown!” Jesus stood up; rebuked the wind; and commanded the sea, “Peace be still!”

And immediately the violent wind ceased, and there was a great calm over the water. (Mark 4)

I’m told that God can calm my storm;

I wonder how He can!

I’ve tried so many times myself,

Since life for me began.

That “fix” these days controls all things,

‘cause nothing else has worked

To solve the conflicts which I have;

The failures that I face.

My storm has come in many forms—

Sometimes “the bottle” wins.

With max addiction from my drugs;

 I’m shackled once again.

I try to make another start;

The plans don’t ever gel.

No job in hand to meet the bills;

“Old friends” lead me to hell !                

That’s the picture of my storm;

I have a lot of stress.

Depression looms on ev’ry side,

And life is sure a mess.

I guess I need to turn to God,

And let HIM give me peace.

Now since I’ve given HIM my heart,

I see my storm has ceased!                   

(by Chaplain Don)          

LORD, Teach Me Patience…

How often I feel the rush of solving a situation, right now! But I must wait for people & circumstances to change.  how painful !

At times an injustice triggers my immediate response of  anger, with a feeling of impatience to even the score by fighting back.

What do I accomplish by all this uproar and frantic reaction?     

I find myself running ahead, then the discovery—it would have been much better to have waited for Your guidance.

My choice is now to put all my plans in Your hands.

Lord, remind me to be patient!

The days seem very long while I’m thinking of those problems which demand quick solutions. But I must trust in Your timing.

Even the centuries do fall through Your hourglass like tiny grains of sand.

Remind me this scripture, “The testing of your faith produces patience.”           (James 1: 3, 4)                                

by Chaplain Don

Every Whispered Prayer of Yours

GOD hears the whispered Prayers we pray,

In the daytime and at night.

We are looking for His Kingdom;

And He keeps us in His sight.

When it seems you struggle all alone;

And you question that He cares.

God brings His peace to your lonely heart;

In answer to your prayers.

No man can measure the depths of prayer;

Nor explain its awesome pow’r.

It moves the hosts of Heav’n itself,

Poised ready at any hour.

It is safe to give to God my fears,

He will always understand.           

As I whisper all those needs I have,                              

He is there to take my hand!

by Chaplain Don

Don’t Give Up


-Don’t give up your faith, my friend,

There’s always room for doubt!

Just keep your contact strong with Him,

And you’ll find the sure way out.

No trouble can destroy the ship,

While He is at the wheel.

That’s why I let Him guide my plans,

No matter how I feel.

 by Chaplain Don

Dare To Dream!

 God can inspire your life this day.

Most dreams are simply “fantacy”—

With HIM they become a symphony.

He shapes our dreams to reality!

Who knows the heights that you can reach,

When God is in your life!

Today it seems the future is bleak;

Your dreams have turned to strife.

Your plans for vict’ry have all been crushed,

Those dreams an “uncertain dawn.”

Your talents wasted needlessly;

Now hope for you is gone.

But God can mend your broken heart;

And you can dream again.

His dreams are based on promises—

They’re written with God’s pen.

So if you claimGod’s PROMISES,                                       

You’ll start His dream today!                                                  

‘Tis true fulfillment comes from HIM;

He’ll guide you all the way! 

 by Chaplain Don

The Shadow of God’s Hand

(see Isaiah 49: 2)

I dreamed I saw the shadow of God’s almighty Hand;

It was moving o’er the surface of this very troubled land.

At times His hand is hidden to the view of many –a- man,

But some men find assurance in Salvation’s Special Plan.


I listen to The Savior on those days when trials come.

My faith is tested far beyond what human strength can bear.      

The Lord has told each one of us that He will never fail;

He promises to walk with us through ev’ry stormy gale!

We can not find a reason for the trials which come today;

Nor can we see just why His hand has moved in this peculiar way.

But WE CAN TRUST the heart of God, for His mercy and His Love;

He still directs His children with His plan from heav’n above.

Our God has made provision for our life, with all its needs,

He wants to bring solutions, and atone for our misdeeds.

We can not win life’s battles with the strength all on our own. 

But He gives us DAILY vict’ry from His strength by faith alone.                                      

 Praise God!

–by Chaplain Don


His Miracle for Blindness


The blind man hoped for a miracle;

And Jesus’ power was soon to be felt.

No other could solve his predicament;

But The Master caused his doubt to melt!

His life was changed, his hope restored;

His vision broke through this day brand new.

Christ had performed the miracle;

He saw what The Savior can do.

A similar outcome takes place today,

For some who’ve walked through a long dark night.

Nothing has happened to change the scene;

They’ve needed for sure God’s spiritual light.

So The Master offers His help to us;

His healing can cure the BLINDNESS of sin.

Those who search for solutions this day,

Will see Him creating His Light within.

Spiritual blindness has fogged your sight;

You were blind today, but now you can see!

A special prayer you will offer with thanks

“O Jesus, You’ve given Your Light to me!”

 By Chaplain Don