At Daybreak

There is peace in meeting Jesus,

As you launch out on your day.

There is strength for ev’ry trial

You encounter on your way.

Oh how comforting His presence;

Just to know that He is there.

When the day seems long and weary,

He will shoulder every care.

Others face the flood of tensions

Men are facing everywhere,

Without any help from heaven,

‘cause they never say a prayer.

Why not take the time each morning,

To connect with heaven’s power.

You will gain consistent vict’ry,

Find contentment every hour!

 By Chaplain Don

“Your Holy Word Never Fails”

Dear God,

Your Holy Word has life’s answers;

But I try to find them all by myself.

My problems remain very heavy,

When I leave Your Book on the shelf.

I must take this book down & read it right now,

For its message is there God, from You.

And every time I feel a need,

Your promise will see me through!



by Chaplain Don

I want to be a Listener


Make me a listener –to everyone in need;

They may be strangers, relatives, or friends.

Just help me plant a seed of trust,

So they can feel safe confiding in me.

I want to learn the art—of keeping still;

When someone I love is verbalizing to me.

Help me not to be judgmental of what they are saying—

Especially if the words are shot in my direction.

They may put the blame on me!

But help me not to be defensive…

It is so easy to hurl back the words,

Spoken in anger.

I want to choose to listen,

And help heal the hurts of those around me.

Keep me from the guilt of preparing my rebuttal…

Lord make me a L i s t e n e r!               

 by Chaplain Don

When I’m Wound Up tight

It feels so good to relax, Lord; especially these days

when the pace is so hectic!  Seems like the “unwinding

experience” at day’s end becomes more difficult as my

spring tightens.

When each typical day starts gaining momentum, I

must bring into focus what is vital to accomplish, and

what is less important.  This awareness keeps me

from getting tense over things I can coast through

with a lighter touch.

Teach me the art of taking “minute vacations.”  A

brief respite from the pressure of constant activity

allows me to be in tune with my own natural pace.

Then I can become more efficient with each task.

Another root cause of being “up tight” is my self-

centeredness!  I spend so much time and energy

gazing at the problems as I travel down the road.

I only glance now then toward God.

by Chaplain Don


The God Who Heals

My Loving Lord,

What a beautiful feeling to know Your special touch today.

 All my aches and pains, my doubts and fears seem to melt away

 as I reach out to grasp Your hand.  

You bring healing by drawing families together who have pulled in

Different directions. Strife is calmed like that stormy Sea of Galilee

By Your powerful words, “PEACE BE STILL.”

I can feel this calming influence right now!  It causes me to be at peace

With myself.  It urges me to share with others the news that healing

Accompanies Your touch.  You change depression to courage,

doubt to faith, despair to hope, discord to harmony.

All these miracles are happening since I am trusting Your power.

 It is Your touch that changes my attitudes, and my response patterns.

Lord, may I continue to feel Your healing power every hour of the day.

By Chaplain Don, in l985.